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Meditations on death, bereavement, and hope is how the author describes these poems, written since the death of his wife in the autumn of 2014.

It sounds odd to say it of such a profound book, rather than of a thriller, but I couldn't put it down. The poems are beautiful - simple, clear, honest, moving.

Craig Brown, critic and satirist

William Blake and Emily Dickinson … you have the same gift of expressing deep thoughts in seemingly simple language.

Christopher Ralling, film director.

I have been gently, quietly reading some of the poems and am so moved. You have a rare gift of being able to express in words exactly what you feel, experience and think. Each poem is a rich source for meditation, and I am so glad you are sharing them with others.

James Roose-Evans, theatre director, priest, and writer on experimental theatre, ritual and meditation.

The ones I have read are just lovely, simple, funny, and say in simple words what I strive to say.

Hermione Legg.

The poems are beautiful, poignant and inspiring.

Stephen Gawtry, Managing Editor, Watkins Mind Body Spirit

These are honest poems, without pretension, that marry deep feeling andf thoughtfullness, opening us towards a sense (so difficult to articulate) of another level of reality.

Jeremy Naydler, author of 'Goethe on Science' and 'Gardening as a Sacred Art

I very much appreciate the simple clarity and sincerity of vision.

Richard Tarnas, author of 'Cosmos and Psyche' and 'The Passion of the Western Mind'

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